Governor’s Cup “Gold” Award for 2014 Yash Vir

Come out and give this award-winning Bordeaux Blend a try!


Upcoming Events


Barrel Tasting

Saturday March 17th 

Join us in Narmada’s wine cellar to taste upcoming vintages of Yash-Vir, Melange, Cabernet Franc and Cabernet Franc Reserve. These wines are nearing the end of their aging period and will continue to age in oak for only another month before bottling.

At this exclusive tasting, winemaker Sudha Patil will explain the process of how the wines were blended, what each varietal adds to the blend, and how they are expected to develop in the coming months.

Learn about Narmada’s Barrel Ownership Program, and reserve a case of your favorite wine at a special discount at the conclusion of your tasting.
Only $35 per person. Includes wine tasting and light hors d’oeuvres. Sessions at Noon and at 2:00pm.

SPECIAL PURCHASE: Wine Club members will receive a 30% discount on case purchases and non-members will receive 20% discount on case purchase on March 17th only.

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Patty Sevre Glass Engraver

Saturday, March 24th

Meet local glass etching artist Patty Sevre of Sevre’s Crystal Factory. Patty can engrave commemorative glasses or bottles while you sip your wine here in the tasting room. Etched wine glasses and other custom items make great gifts, and this is just in time for Mother’s Day!


WINEMAKER FOR A DAY Blending Seminar!

Sunday March 25th

Have you always dreamed of being a winemaker? Do you have what it takes to put together a delectable and delicious blend? Challenge yourself and your friends at our interactive winemaking seminar on Sunday, March 25th at 1pm.

Join our winemaker Sudha Patil for this workshop, and experience the excitement of combining both the art and the science that goes into making a distinctive wine. You’ll sample single varietal wines from barrel, then work with your team to create a unique, luscious cuvee!

When your perfect blend is finalized and put into the bottle, team challenges team as we vote for the most spectacular wine of the day! Only $50 per person, light appetizers included.

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Step Into Mystery
Saturday, April 7th


Enter Narmada Winery on April 7th, and you will become another person. You’re attending a meeting of Peacock Wine Club, a group of wine lovers, wine critics and wine producers.

BUT one of your group has been murdered.

You must find out who did the crime, why, and how. The best answer wins the Super Sleuth Award.

Bribe people for information, or blackmail those you have information on. Cheat and steal if you have to, you can win the Money Bags Award if you have the most money at the end of the evening! Vote for your fellow guest who best portrays his character! If you hate puzzles but need the clues, buy the answer from someone who loves doing them. There’s something for everyone.

Bring family and friends!
Meet new people!
Have fun playing this interactive game of Clue!
We guarantee you will laugh and enjoy a very unique evening!

The Fun begins at 5pm.  Cost is $35 per person.


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