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At Narmada Winery, experience Virginia wines like you’ve never before. Here, you’ll enter paradise tasting wines influenced by the Indian heritage of its founders. We offer a wide variety of wines ranging from our classic white table wine, Mom, to our complex Bordeaux Blend, Yash-Vir. Come immerse yourself in Virginia wine while enjoying the influence of Indian culture– or we’ll ship our wine to you in thirty-six states.

Gold Medal Case Sale

1 Bottle of Each Gold Medal winning wine:

-2017 Viognier               -2014 Yash Vir        -2014 Cabernet Franc Reserve                 -2010 Primita

-2016 Petit Verdot        -2014 Melange        -2014 Reflection                                            -2016 Merlot

-2014 Midnight             -2009 Allure            -2014 Cabernet Sauvignon                        -2017 Legacy

Retail Price $398.03 

Sale Price for all 20% off $318.43

Club Member Sale Price 25% off $298.53

Photos by: Molly Peterson, Robert Everton Photography, Tim Yantz Photography, Sarah Lanette Photography, Jessie Mary Photography, Sudha Patil, Nica Amada Photography, Mary Ann Dancisin

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